I make meaning

Design researcher Olivier Wouters is the founder of Quirqie.
He explores and proposes new reasons for people to
rethink their attitudes and act towards pressing social topics.


To make radical new meaning for pressing social topics.

In reinterpreting the meaningful experience of pressing social topics, Quirqie creates novel and compelling reasons for people to address them.


A mindset focused on societal progress being the status quo.

Quirqie pursues a new status quo: a mindset that features an intrinsic motivation to rethink attitudes and actions in the interest of societal progress.

The person behind Quirqie

Olivier Wouters is the meaning maker that founded Quirqie. He was born and raised in a design office. The designers and architects there taught him how to use design and IT to innovate.

In 2016, Olivier graduated as MSc Information Studies at the University of Amsterdam. He since specialised in Design Thinking and Design-Driven Innovation.